Mex - the classic dice game

World’s favorite party game is back on iOS. Play now with up to 8 players in multiplayer mode and decide who gets to be the MexKing.

The vikings, the mayas and students alike: no one gets tired of this game. Roll the dice and the party starts. With this app, you'll never forget to bring your dice again.

The app has a freeformat game which allows you to play by your own rules with as many friends as you would like. Next to this, the game allows for a multiplayer mode which allows for up to eight players to play together. The app will then keep track of rounds thrown, score, and ranking of wins.

Add your own names & texts for each throw into the game to customize the experience. Sweet isn't it?

Easy Rules:

  • Goal is to throw 21

  • Starting player decides throws allowed, max 3, min 1

  • 32 is lowest possible

  • 31 is does not count towards throws

  • If 2 or 1 is thrown, they can be held for one round (unless when 21 or 32)

Download now on the Apple Appstore for iOS